The cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform roughly starts at $10K.

Thinking how it is possible? Well, it is a rough estimation. Actual cost depends on numerous factors like project complexity, level of customization, time constraints, team size, etc. We at Zodeak, the top cryptocurrency exchange development company, will give you a precise quote to build a crypto exchange platform. 

If you wish to develop an exchange platform, then before you jump into the cryptocurrency exchange business, you must understand the cost required to build a complete exchange platform. 

To get an idea of the cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform, let’s discuss the most common factors that break down the development costs.

Factors that break down the cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange

We believe transparency is the best policy. Here, let’s examine the structure of setting up a strong cryptocurrency exchange platform. The cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform is quite variable, it depends on numerous factors and development approaches. 

Types Of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Choosing a preferable crypto exchange is the most important task. Based on the type, the cost of the crypto exchange may varies. Broadly the crypto exchange is classified into three major types. 

  • Centralized
  • Decentralized
  • Hybrid

So, its always better to know about all types of exchanges before starting this business. Because each exchange has different types of features and functionalities.

Team Size

One of the primary factors is the size of your team. If you wish to establish a basic crypto exchange with basic features, then you can go with a small team of developers. Suppose you are looking for a complex exchange with all enhanced features, then undoubtedly you have to go with a large team of designers, developers, and testers. 

The increasing team size will ultimately increase development costs. So it’s more significant to consider the size of the team while you plan for budget-friendly development. 

Team Location

The location where you hire your team members will impact the cost of your product. Do you think so? For instance, if you hire a team from an area with high living costs, then ultimately you have to give high pay to the developers and all others who work on your project. This will increase your exchange development cost. 

Likewise, the cost also varies based on the resources and talent of workers in that location. If you hire a developer from an area with a shortage of talented developers, then you must pay a high salary to that developer. In this way, the development cost will increase.

By considering all this to make a budget-friendly development, you have to hire developers from countries with low wages. 

For your reference, here I have stated the hourly charges of developers from different countries. 

Geographical LocationCharges Per Hour
USA$70- $90

Time Constrain

It is very important to frame the exact period within which you want your trading platform to be developed. This is because the development time will play a key role in development cost. For example, if you want your crypto trading platform within 7 business days then ultimately the cost will be very high. Suppose you request to complete your project in 1 or 2 months then definitely the cost will be low. 

So while you plan a budget for crypto exchange, it’s very important to consider the time needed for the development. 

Because a well-planned exchange will take only a few months to develop. With meticulous planning and execution, you can build a cost-efficient crypto exchange platform. 

License & Compliance

Till now, globally many governments charge high fees for giving licenses to run a crypto exchange business. 

Legal Counsel 

Acquiring legal advice for setting up a cryptocurrency exchange platform is most necessary to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. For this counsel, the charge may range from $50K to $20K based on the respective jurisdiction and complexity. 


Secure licenses & integration of KYC and AML measures will cost high ranging from $20k to $10k annually. 

Hence, before setting up a budget for the crypto business, it’s mandatory to know about these legal counsels and compliances. Because it is one of the main factors for cost breakdown. 

Platform complexity

The complexity of the platform is one of the main factors that influence the development cost of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. A complex platform will require more resources and time for development and this drive up the cost of the platform. 

Numerous factors contribute to the platform’s complexity, they are Features, number of users, and level of security measures. 

While you decide to build a crypto exchange platform, it’s a must to consider all the above-listed factors to ensure that you stay within the budget. 

Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies are some of the primary factors that impact the crypto exchange development cost. For instance, if you choose the traditional development approach, the cost will be higher due to the need to buy software, hardware, and other tools. 

On the other hand, if you opt for cloud-based solutions, then the development costs will be lower as you have to pay only for the service you use. 

Likewise, opting Open-Source solution will also minimize the development cost of the exchange. Now, you may know how tools and technologies impact the development cost. As an entrepreneur plan wise for cost-effective exchange. development. 

In addition, using open-source solutions can also help to reduce development costs. When it comes to choosing the right tools and technologies for your project, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure that you can keep costs under control.

Here, let me clearly state the cost of tools & technologies for crypto development.

Technological StacksCryptocurrency Development Cost
Programming Languages $6000-$12000
APIs $4000-$6000
Frameworks $5000-$8000
Artificial Intelligence $6000- $15000
Internet Of Things (IoT) $5000- $20000
Operating System $9000-$14000
Cloud Storage $10000-$15000
Database $6000-$10000

Liquidity And Token Listing

Maintaining liquidity is essential for the crypto market as it mitigates the investment risk and also delivers a stable market for seamless trading cost-effectively. 

Token listing is one of the main aspects, where tokens/coins are added to the crypto trading platform. The listed cryptocurrencies will improve the trust among the platform investors. All of this will consume 1-2 weeks which will eventually increase the development cost. 


Looks scary, right? How many features do you opt on your platform?

  • Multi-Feature Dashboard
  • Order Book Management
  • Trade Pair Management
  • Matching Engine
  • Wallet
  • Live Chart
  • Trade history
  • 2FA
  • KYC
  • ADDoS
  • Spot/Futures trading

The more features you choose for your platform, the more you have to spend for your exchange platform. And nothing to surprise! Every feature has to be designed, developed, tested, integrated, and maintained. All these take lots of time and money. 

Blockchain You Choose

Will CEX or DEX operate on Ethereum or Polygon or BSM or other popular blockchains? 

If you prefer to operate solely on an EVM-compatible network then the crypto exchange development cost will remain more manageable. 

Suppose you choose to build your platform on a single blockchain like Ethereum, and later wish to expand it with other blockchains, which will result in high expense.

Suppose you want your platform to be cross-platform compatible. This ultimately requires cross-chain bridges and cross-chain routers. Simply put, all these require more resources, and the developer’s effort to build an exchange. This highly impacts the development cost of an exchange. 

Integration Costs

Whether your exchange is CEX or DEX. They need other services to integrate with them. 

  • Liquidity Service Provider
  • Payment Gateway 
  • Market Data Provider
  • Crypto wallets
  • KYC

Integrating all these development services within your crypto trading platform will automatically increase the development cost. But smooth the operation of your platform, you must consider all these service providers while you frame your budget. 


APIs are the veins of the crypto exchange platform. They connect various parts of the platform by syncing data and sending back and forth the commands. These are the internal APIs that can’t be avoided. It is a key part of the developers. 

Likewise, you have to be wise enough to choose and deploy the external APIs. These APIs cost more. So you have to plan your budget accordingly. 

Server & Hardware Cost

Both CEX and DEX need servers to host their front-end, back-end, API, etc. All of us know there is no server for free of cost. Yes!, absolutely server consumes millions of dollars. You can’t avoid this server cost. Because it is the one that handles your platform traffic more efficiently. 

I hope at this point, you may get clear about all the factors that impact the cost to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Wrapping up 

Now you may know which are all the factors that impact the cost of the exchange platform. To keep costs under control, it is your responsibility to frame a cost-effective budget by considering all the above-discussed factors before you begin the development process. With the help of a cryptocurrency exchange development company like Zodeak, you can build a high-quality and cost-effective cryptocurrency exchange platform within your budget.