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What are the Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

What are the Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

In the present scenario, cryptocurrency and Blockchain are broadly adopted by people around the world. When the first cryptocurrency was introduced, people were unaware of its value and purpose. 

At the time of the Covid pandemic, crypto has grown exponentially. The people started realizing the value and purpose of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency can be bought through cryptocurrency exchanges. 

There are various types of cryptocurrency exchanges like

  • Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX)

The centralized crypto exchange allows the user to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, etc. The trading is executed with the three types of order books like Limit order, Stop limit order, and Market order. 

The user needs to get registered by providing the KYC details. Users can buy and sell cryptos using the exchange allocated crypto wallets. The trading fee, deposit fee, and withdrawal fee, & listing fees are the source of income in the cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Fees are collected as a fractional amount of the cryptocurrencies being traded by the user. The user can trade fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto trading according to the available modes of trading in the exchange platform. The user can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using multiple payment methods like credit and debit cards, bank transfers, or via third-party providers. 

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX)

The decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are the trading that occurs among the traders over the various trading platforms with the help of automated marketing makers. The trading between the traders takes place with the help of smart contracts. 

The smart contract is the precisely defined set of conditions among the parties involved in the transaction. DEX helps to overcome the lacking areas of the centralized exchanges. DEX helps the user to trade digital assets using the liquidity pools. The user gets income and token rewards. 

The token rewards can be utility tokens and governance tokens. Utility tokens can help to ripen the crypto or fiat currency. Governance token helps the user to take part in community activities like voting. 

DEX helps the user to get complete control over their digital assets anonymously without providing identity details. 

Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange

The peer-to-peer is completely different from the CEX and DEX exchanges. The user is allowed to choose their trading pair as per their requirements. The Buyer and Seller create ads and post them on the exchange. 

The buyer posts ads with specific demands. The same way sellers post the ads with details like type of crypto, preferred payment methods, and price. Once the seller and buyer get the required trade match they can initiate trade among them. 

Buyer and seller can contact each other directly via the chat option on the exchange. The trading fee, ads fee, & listing fees are the monetization in the cryptocurrency exchanges. Escrow service is available to provide smooth trading between the buyer and seller. 

Escrow is enabled to eliminate unlawful traders or spammers to ensure the security of user cryptocurrencies. Escrow also helps to resolve the dispute between the buyer and seller. 

If you are ready to start your crypto business with CEX, DEX, and P2P, then you are in the right place!

Zodeak, being a reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company. We have an adroit team of developers with adequate knowledge in the crypto and Blockchain domain. We are using an advanced tech stack to provide an efficient trading platform. 

We aim to offer a trading platform that is exclusively efficient in performance for the present and future business scopes. We have ready-made scripts like Binance clone, LocalBitcoins clone, Paxful clone, Remitano clone & Wazirx clone, etc. 

We have a dedicated team of developers for creating a trading platform from scratch as per the client’s business demands. 

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Get Ready to Step into the Billion-Dollar Business

Get Ready to Step into the Billion-Dollar Business

In the present scenario, huge people are passionately investing in Billion Dollar Cryptocurrency market. Entrepreneurs are eager to traverse the Bull rally cryptocurrency business with an institutional approach. Each phase of cryptocurrency is booming with grasping more users with its ease of acquiring and trading. Each day new cryptocurrency products are emerging instantly. whereas, Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency and leaves its footprints on various business domains with its price peak on October 21. 

Bitcoin price is tremendously increasing like a bull rally from October 21, many business analysts expect the bitcoin price maybe $100,000 in the next phase. This is the right time to start your booming cryptocurrency exchange business and become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. In the Crypto realm, more people are interested in investing in cryptocurrency due to its increasing market value.

Nassim Eddequiouaq and Riyaz Faizullabhoy held a remarkable position in the Facebook organization and moved towards a crypto ecosystem that is booming over the past decade, and joined in Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) team to provide technical support to their swiftly growing holdings on the crypto. 

While discussing the effects of cryptocurrency or Blockchain in business. We used to closer look at business ventures constructing an exchange business, products and integrating the crypto payment method in existing enterprises. Though, large crypto exchanges have moved from one country and to another due to regulatory laws enforcing them to move on. 

At the same time, mainstream adoption by individuals and established businesses is a very steep climbing action for entrepreneurs as they attempt to make crypto more accessible and compelling to enterprises and laypeople alike. 

Large people started adopting cryptocurrency on their individual and organizational wise. It has led to the strong business support for cryptos to boom beyond their constraints. 

According to Google, “millions” of retailers currently accept Google Pay as a form of payment, potentially giving Bakkt users the ability to pay in crypto at “supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, clothing stores, gas stations, beauty shops” and others. The Bakkt partnership follows major crypto exchange Coinbase’s June announcement that Apple Pay and Google Pay would offer support for its Coinbase Card. Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has allowed its users to buy crypto with Apple Pay and Google Pay since April.

Wait and watch Cryptocurrency will strongly influence the World of Business soon. Get ready to revolve around the crypto realm for a futuristic billion-dollar business plan. 

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P2P Crypto Exchange Script – Launch a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform with Escrow Security System

P2P Crypto Exchange Script – Launch a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform with Escrow Security System

P2P Crypto Exchange Script

P2P Crypto Exchange Script or also known as person-to-person Cryptocurrency Exchange which is completely decentralized in manner. This Peer-to-peer Crypto exchange was introduced to increase the magnitude of trustworthiness in the Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. This P2P Exchange helps users to buy, sell or trade popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, litecoin, steller and much more., The inclusion of the decentralization concept excretes the embarrassment of third parties. This type of exchange appropriates smart-contract-based escrow security to expedite transactions. Thus, most business people suggest originating a P2P crypto exchange with an escrow-based security system rather than traditional exchanges. So, startups and entrepreneurs used efficacious P2P crypto exchange scripts to develop their exchange platform with escrow security.

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In this digitalization world, Cryptocurrency plays a significant footprint and provides an ample amount of income towards decentralization. Nowadays, Most entrepreneurs, startups, and business-class people believe that cryptocurrency is the future of money and they accept this crypto as payment. This is going to be one of the trustworthy platforms that deal with it. Because of the growth and inspiration of cryptocurrency, many startups, entrepreneurs make their business opportunities and march towards leading Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crypto Exchange Services. 

Most people prefer Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange with Escrow based security systems. This P2P Crypto exchange with an Escrow security system plays a most significant role in the crypto realm. 

In this article, we are going to see about the P2P Crypto exchange script and Escrow based security system. Let’s dive into the topic.,

What is an Escrow system?

An Escrow-based security system is one of the most elegant security features in the peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. In general, this escrow security system is a concept of describing financial transactions. By using this escrow, users can make a highly reliable, faster transaction and easier process to assure overall security, trust, and cost-effectiveness. Escrow service serves to perform the crypto transactions by fulfilling the payment in a reliable escrow account.

How does an Escrow System work in the P2P Crypto Exchange Script?

An Escrow security system is a part of an intermediate role when making reliable crypto transactions in the P2P crypto exchange. This highly reliable Escrow system is completely designed and preserves buyers and sellers of the P2P exchange platform and also helps to remove unwanted fraudulent attempts. 

  • Once registered on the P2P exchange platform, the participants must agree to the escrow terms and conditions. 
  • In this exchange platform, if the buyer/seller wants to do transactions that order is posted with details such as, location, Crypto detail, and the price of crypto. 
  • That posting order was added and shared to the ledger called an order book. 
  • Once the buyer accepts the order and proceeds with the payment via a securable escrow account. 
  • This escrow system will verify and the seller receives a notification. 
  • After completing the verification process, the seller needs to send out the crypto assets to the buyer along with the tracking information. 
  • With the confirmation, escrow will execute the payment of the funds to the seller from the secured escrow account.

Benefits occurred in the P2P Crypto exchange script


Compared to other Crypto exchange platforms, this P2P exchange contains cost-effectiveness fees.

Targeted Audience

Because of the fast and flexible in all benefits along with security features, Users can easily access and attract the platform easily.

No limit for Withdraw/Deposits

Without any count, users or traders can add or move their cryptocurrency at any time. 

Data Encryption

All the information about the transaction is stored in a distributed network, secured with an encryption mechanism. Therefore, it is entirely not imaginable for anyone to pursue the information. 

High-end Security

In a Peer-to-peer Crypto exchange, all the transactions held on the public ledger of blockchain and KYC/AML details are retained in synchronization to the database.

Fiat Currency usage

With the help of Fiat traditional currencies, users can buy cryptocurrencies more easily.

Features implemented in our escrow based P2P Crypto Exchange script

Some trending technical features in the P2P crypto exchange script. They are,

  1. KYC Verification
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Escrow Based Crypto Wallet Development services
  4. Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
  5. Multi-Lingual Support
  6. Multi-Layer security
  7. Automatic Swap
  8. Powerful Order Match Engine

Who provides Zodeak for P2P Crypto Exchange script?

Zodeak is the proficient P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange script provider along with Escrow-based security in the crypto realm. We have vast experience in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We provide an ample amount of solutions are Cryptocurrency decentralized exchange software, white label crypto exchange, and security token exchange. Our script is a highly customizable and error-free scalable product. 

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FAQ – P2P Crypto Exchange Development

1. What is P2P cryptocurrency Exchange?

P2P crypto exchange where the buyer and seller directly trade their cryptocurrency without any central control over their trading.

2. What are the Benefits of using P2P exchange?

The P2P helps to obtain control over to whom you can trade the cryptos, and users can set the price, choose the payment methods comfortable to them.

3. What is an Escrow?

The Escrow service is execute the user tradings in a hasslefree-way. It helps to protect the user cryptos from the unlawful user, Or fraudulent.

4. Where to get a P2P crypto exchange development service?

Zodeak is a reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company. Provides best-in-class P2P crypto exchange development with the latest tech stack, exclusive UI/UX, & at affordable cost.

Possibilities to make money from the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform – Everything you need to know

Possibilities to make money from the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform – Everything you need to know

Currently, the Cryptocurrency Exchange business is creating a trendsetter in the Cryptocurrency realm. Many Entrepreneurs start a cryptocurrency exchange and make lucrative profits. With the help of these Cryptocurrency exchanges, you can make money in numerous ways. If you have a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can get a commission from the buyer and seller of your exchange platform. Those commission fees were denoted as trading fees and transaction fees.

Here we gonna see the other ways to make money from the Cryptocurrency Exchange. It’s not a secret thing it is the knowledge that many of them wouldn’t inform. In this article, I going to explain this stuff if you are quite interested in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company. 

Let’s dive in.,

How do Crypto Exchange platforms make money?

Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms generate lucrative revenue from multiple sources not only one source. Yes! These Crypto Exchange platforms did not mean that it makes lucrative profits very easily. There is a little bit of risk that relies on that too. But, if you follow all the jurisdictions and guidelines you can able to make money from various sources. Here are the following ways of points to make lucrative profits from Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms. They are,

  1. Trading fees
  2. Listing fees
  3. IEO fees
  4. Loyalty fees
  5. Advertising 
  6. Transaction fees
  7. Market making

Trading fees

These trading fees are estimated based on multiple trading options that the traders pick for. If you are running any type of trading in the Cryptocurrency exchange software, then there are various possibilities to get trading fees revenue, whether if you have a fewer number of users in your exchange platform.

Listing fees

If you have a cryptocurrency exchange platform, there are numerous companies, who would like to list their tokens on your platform, so that you will get an enormous hunk of revenue for listing a token. If you are accepting the company token and listing a token into your exchange platform, users will think that it would be very helpful to earn users and traders.

IEO fees

If some of the startups or entrepreneurs would like to introduce the coin or token in your crypto exchange platform in an IEO mode, they provide a considerable amount of fees to list the IEO into your exchange platform. 

Loyalty fees

These loyalty fees are the new features enabled in the exchange operators using in their particular platforms. The purpose of these fees is in a parallel fee structure, that provides offers and rewards to the users when the user uses the tokens or coins in a respective way. This feature is not generated revenue that much, but also it gets more liquidity also keeps the number of users on your platform.


Same as Google Adsense, you can put advertisements in your exchange platform which is reliable and trustworthy. Also, you can run a private advertisement and earn lucrative profits.

Transaction fees

These are the commonly known features, that you can generate some percentage of fees for every transaction from the buyer and seller of your exchange platform. Also, this is the primary source of income in your cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Market making

Market making is nothing but it is simply marketing your coins or tokens. This marketization is used for every user and trader to know the importance of the particular coins or tokens. Also, you can organize the contest of most high-grade Coins or tokens and announce the cash prizes or coins for that particular token or coin holder in lucrative profits. 

How to start a Cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Now you have an idea to make money from the cryptocurrency exchange platform in various sources. Right! Hope you will definitely get inspired by these cryptocurrency exchange platforms and get interested to start your own exchange platform. If you want to kick-start your business in a crypto way, you have three options to choose from:

  1. Develop a Crypto exchange from scratch
  2. Buy a Cryptocurrency exchange clone script based platform
  3. White label Cryptocurrency exchange platform

For these three options, I personally suggest option two that is Buy a Cryptocurrency exchange clone script-based platform. Because this platform is readily available software that launches your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly within a couple of weeks. 

Zodeak – the proficient Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provider

We Zodeak Technology – the leading provider of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software across the globe. We have a team of professional experts who have a vast amount of experience in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain realm also, they craft your own Exchange platform based on your business requirements. Also, we customize all your needs such as modifying or removing the features that you endeavor your needs.

For more information, you can get a free live demo along with price details via,

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How much does it cost to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange  Software?

How much does it cost to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

In the Digitalization realm, starting your own Cryptocurrency Exchange business is quite an extraordinary way to make lucrative profits. We all know that Binance is the first and foremost cryptocurrency platform when compared to other crypto platforms. The growth of the Binance Exchange Platform energized the Entrepreneurs’ life. So that many people start a Cryptocurrency exchange business like Binance with the help of the Cryptocurrency exchange script software providers. 

Not everyone is getting a shine on the Cryptocurrency trading business. Only with the proper guidelines, good strategy making, and innovative ideas along with additional fully-fledged features make every people become a bitcoin billionaire. Not only Binance, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, and more exchange platforms also a familiarized crypto platform that every crypto peoples can be trading on it. 

If you are more interested in the Cryptocurrency exchange and want to get into the crypto realm, definitely have some questions in your mind. Like, How much does it cost to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script? Should I develop my own Crypto exchange from scratch? Is there any other idea to develop my own Crypto exchange business without a scratch?

In this article, let see how much it costs to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script platform. Also, you can find the solutions to your other questions. 

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Most of the industries prefer to go with the White label services to start their own Cryptocurrency exchanges which can bring them a tremendous value of profits. Those white label solutions are called Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. It is the complete source code that is used to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. This exchange platform script has a similar exchange platform like Binance, Coinbase along with additional features and benefits integrated with the Exchange script.

Because of the additional features that are inspired by traders and users, utilize the trading platform and make a profit. The admin of the exchange platform also gets lucrative profit with the help of getting commission fees to both buyer and seller of the particular Exchange platform.

Transform your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business idea into reality!

Cryptocurrency Exchange is the platform for exchanging the cryptocurrencies to the buyer and seller that are performed in the Exchange participants. As we mentioned above, both the users and admin of the Exchange script platform get more beneficiaries withholding the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. For admin, the integration of advanced features makes your exchange more familiar along with higher liquidity, and transparency. 

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Before you start a Cryptocurrency Exchange business, you need to know the types of Cryptocurrency exchanges. Because every Crypto exchange has its own features and has different development costs. In the Crypto marketplace, there are numerous Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms are available. They are,

  1. Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
  2. Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
  3. Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange
  4. Orderbook Cryptocurrency Exchange
  5. Ad based Cryptocurrency Exchange
  6.  P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

So, select each one of the Cryptocurrency exchanges which is suitable for your business and make a huge amount of profit in your wallet.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

The main specification of the Cryptocurrency Exchange script is Upgraded features and security features. Some of the important features of the Exchange script is,

  1. White label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions
  2. Crypto Wallet Integration(For Android and iOS)
  3. Margin Crypto Trading
  4. High Liquidity(Capable up to 1,400,000 orders/sec)
  5. Multi Cryptocurrency support
  6. Highly secured Admin Panel
  7. User and Admin Dashboard
  8. Quick Transactions
  9. Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
  10. Atomic Swaps

And much more., These features are highly expected from the traders and the users. With the help of a White label Cryptocurrency exchange script, you can easily launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange business and transform your business into a highly profitable trading business.

Security features in Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

Numerous Security features in the Cryptocurrency Exchange software are,

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. Mobile Trading (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)
  3. Multi-Signature Wallet Integration
  4. Google Authentication
  5. Https Authentication
  6. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection
  7. Data Encryption

And much more.,

Cost to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

When it comes to the cost of the Cryptocurrency Exchange script built by the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company, Zodeak offers the script up to $1000 – $3000. The Customization cost will be nearly $500 – $1000 based on the requirements and additional features. If you don’t want the additional features and customization, that amount can be reduced so that the time duration of the script is also reduced. Because of the time reduction, you can easily launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange script platform instantly within 2 – 5 days.


To sum up, everything stated above, you will be able to determine the basic cost of the Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. If you want to build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange platform, Zodeak provides fully-fledged advanced features along with more security features that are used to launch your own dreamier Crypto Exchange business instantly and make you a huge amount of profit in your wallet.