Why Choose Local Bitcoin Clone Script

Peer to peer crypto exchange platform usage is spreading progressively by the traders and the business gateway for the crypto exchange service has a good gross. As local Bitcoins are pioneering in this particular field pinning your hope on Local Bitcoin clone script is going to be profitable.

We Zodeak, one of the peerless exchange script development companies, aids you to make your dream come true, by associating as a technical supporter for your venture. Our formidable team draft your website with the user friendly trading panel and endorse it with better blockchain solutions. Our Local Bitcoin clone script is developed with advanced technology which is highly convenient for the kick start.

Features Included In Our Local Bitcoin Clone Script

  • Escrow Wallet

    To do store and trade the cryptocurrency, we have integrated the multi signature escrow wallet. The Escrow admin will take sole responsibility regarding the bitcoin transactions and complete the trade only when the trade traits gets matched with the buyer and the seller.

  • Online / Offline Trade Bitcoins

    The buyer can have a direct contact with the trade partner and do transaction, which is called offline trade and without meeting the trade partner one can do transaction through the Bitcoin escrow online mode.

  • Dispute Management

    If the seller does not match the buyer needs, then the dispute can be handled effectively by the escrow process. So the process will be safe and the necessary actions can be taken effectively to avoid vulnerability.

  • Advertisement Platforms

    Both buyer and the seller can create an advertisement regarding the limits of value for buy and sell. The notification regarding the advertisement will be sent to both buyer and seller.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    To avoid breaches and vulnerability the two factor authentication which ensures secure verification of the account. This will never give a way to any kind of hacking process.

In Need Of Suppport For Your Business Solutions ? You Have Landed In The Right Place.

Benefits of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

  • Hand On Solution

    As a business owner with the MVP product of Local bitcoins one can get into the market within a few business days. A hassle free one stop solution for crypto exchange can be procured easily.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    One can buy or sell the Bitcoins and convert them into FIAT currency within the site. Multiple payment options are integrated within the script for trouble free transactions and trading.

  • Review System

    The feedback system helps to know more about the to and fro’s of the venture. This review helps to understand the user's thoughts and improvise the trading site in a more comfortable and secure way.

  • Multiple Dashboards

    A separate dashboard for the trader, advertisement, merchant, and admin is offered. So that each user can experience the UX of the site.

  • Supportive For Multiple Transaction

    No matter how many users get flooded at a time, the script supports doing multiple transactions without any latency.

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