Cryptocurrency is a digital currency stored in a decentralized way without banks to monitor. The transactions are stored in the form of blocks where the multiple blocks linking each other to forms a blockchain on the distributed ledger.

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Crypto Jacking


Crypto-jacking is the form of a security breach of illegal access to a PC  by running the malware into it. Crypto mining code runs that turn the device into mining botnets. Crypto-jacking is not to decrypt the user’s data; it will drain the computer resources and slow the system with increasing consumption of electricity which causes damage to the hardware.

How does Crypto Jacking work?

There are totally two ways to secretly mine the victim’s computer. One way is to load malware crypto mining code on to the computer. It will receive legitimate looks like emails to click on the link. The link will automatically execute the crypto mining code.

The other method is to inject a script on the website or an ad delivered to multiple websites. If one victim visited a website or infected ad pops the script automatically executes. Do not damage the user data, it will damage the hardware.

How to prevent Crypto  Jacking?

  • To install ad-blocking or anti-crypto mining extensions on the web browsers.
  • Use endpoint protection – Computer protection software like antivirus etc..
  • Web Filtering tools up to date.
  • Maintain Browser Extensions properly

Crypto-jacking precaution for miners is important to safeguard the computer with all the possible protection to keep your data safe.