The cryptocurrency solution provider company Zodeak provides the services for the Entrepreneurs to use in their developing websites or applications related to a cryptocurrency exchange script and blockchain technology.

The services are

Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract services are the services offered by terms of the agreement between the buyer and seller. If the agreement terms are mutually accepted, the payment or the property will be received automatically.

Features included in Smart Contract

Digital Contract Architecture

This type of architecture is the self-executing contract. The contracts are written in the form of programmable codes that exist in a decentralized blockchain network.

Design and Development

The smart contract system is developed and designed based on your requirements with a good user interface panel.

Digital Contract Auditing

The contract services are audited digitally by providing all the necessary details of the transactions. The auditing work will be taken seriously into account by checking the error correctly.

Decentralized Applications

The smart contract applications are given for the business people with all the functions with more trustworthiness.

This smart contract idea can be used in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, and so on.

Dapps Development Services

D-Apps is nothing but the decentralized app, that works in the open-source software platforms. DApps is developed in the blockchain technology on P2P networks, it is more secure and reliable.

Benefits of using our Dapps Development Services

Open Source 

Dapps development is the open-source code that works in blockchain technology. The source code can be altered based on your requirement. 


The information regarding the application is stored in a public ledger that is transparent to everyone.

Private Blockchain Development

Private Blockchain development is the same as the public ledger but the only difference is that the initiator will choose the set of people to validate the transactions. It is also called the semi-decentralized process.

Advantages of Using Private Blockchain Development

Cost-Effective Transaction

Smart auto contract features can be incorporated rather than third-party apps; it is a cost-effective solution for transactions.

Access to Control

The organization head will have the full authority for participation and can be easily scalable with fast transactions.

Switching Option

The private blockchain can be switched over the public blockchain at any time without any hassle.


Auditing can be easily done with the limited number of members using the website or applications.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Our organization will help the consulting services to create a blockchain network. Our team will help with the latest opportunities and features to improve your business.

ICO Development Service

ICO is nothing but the initial coin offering, which is to raise funds for a project or business at their initial level. In the crowd sale, the investors can buy the newly mined tokens or another digital cryptocurrency. Currently one of the massive trends that are emerging in the economic model is ICO.

With unmatched skills and technical experience, we develop your ICO’s in a short span which can be optimized according to the requirement, which results in better results.

Crypto Wallet Service

Cryptocurrencies are the digital currency that should be stored safely in a digital wallet with security. The digital wallets are designed by having private and public keys to send or receive currency. 

Features Present In Our Wallet Service

Security – Security is the mandatory one that every crypto wallet has to hold the currency with trust. 

Send/Receive – Send and receive cryptocurrency with the lowest fees.

Exchange – Wallet should offer crypto-crypto instantly and it should be established all over the world. 

Access your funds Everywhere – Financial system is right into your pocket and should be available to hold multiple currencies.

Altcoin Development Services

An altcoin is an alternate coin that is other than bitcoin. In the Cornmarket cap, the number of altcoin developments has increased. An altcoin is needed to develop from scratch and it is difficult with a time-consuming process. We provide altcoin development services with a  team of experienced developers as per your requirements.

These are the services provided by Zodeak and choose the best service which is needed for you to enter the business of blockchain technology.

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