The story of TRON started in 2017 and launched its own crypto token known as TRX therefore managed to be the top 10 crypto currency right now. So coming to the point, what is TRON ?

TRON is a decentralized virtual platform which is more or less similar to Etherium. Through this the DApps developers incorporate smart contracts and make use of the platform at ease. More importantly TRON enables 2000 transactions per second, even E

therium enables 130 transactions per second  which is the best one to get opt. 

TRX tokens can be stored in both the mobile wallets and hardware wallets. With these pre-eminent features TRON can be included for your startup.

Smart contracts over the TRON blockchain network is even considered as the prioritized one compared to Etherium. When it comes to safety and security then obviously TRON blockchain networks scores. Also money spent on this to develop the Dapps is less compared to other networks. 

As there is no intermediate requirement, the whole transaction happens in the automation process. This is one of the reason for the fastest and efficient transactions. 

Also as it is decentralised network, it is completely transparent and reliable to give a try. 

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