We Zodeak, a  blockchain development company provided an exchange script for Entrepreneurs to start the business in cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency exchange script provided by Zodeak are as follows,

Security Features

Security is the most important factor in cryptocurrency. The exchange between the traders should be safe to send and receive digital currency. The security features should be properly incorporated without a 1% possibility of scam. It should be well followed that the hackers cannot attempt to access it.

2F Authentication

2 Step verification is the major security deal that includes both phone number and email id to access the OTP to login in. Various 2-factor authentication methods are available, they are facial recognition, passwords, security questions, biometric verification, and so on.

Escrow Wallet Service

Escrow is the intermediate platform between the buyers and sellers to hold and transfer the payment after accepting the agreement and verified properly.

Advantages of Escrow

  • Low-cost solution
  • Protection between both the parties
  • Reduced Risks

KYC Verification

It is a process of verifying the customers to ensure that the details provided are in a proper way. The verification can be done by confirming the phone number and submitting a personal ID.

Dispute Management

If any problem arises during the payment completion that can be addressed to the customer support team to sort out.

Data Encryption

Translates a single data into a form of code or key that can be accessed only by certain people you give permission.

End to End Encrypted Transactions

Only both users of a transaction can see the details which are encrypted. The third-party cannot decrypt the data.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication is provided to secure the money transactions and user info.

Browser Detection Security

As Malware is updating frequently it is required to safeguard the browser security patches created to secure the details.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation is included in our script to protect the server or network by the attack and know the incoming threat prevented in the cloud.

Anti Phishing

Anti Phishing technology is to prevent unauthorized access to security information and to protect data.

SSL Integration

Secure Socket Layer is a protocol to secure connection between server and client.

HTTPS Authentication

Https is a secure method of authentication of web pages.