Trading business has a great impact to get launched. As usual before starting the business do the major groundworks like where to start, getting associated with banks, payment processors or other financial mediums. 

If you are bounded with a particular country then check the countries regulation and compliance requirements and do implement according to that. 

Then look into the concept of technical requirements, you can either choose cryptocurrency exchange script or clone script products like paxful clone script.

We zodeak team offers the best reliable MVP product which is effective with white label solution and get implemented in the short span of time. 

Major Features Can Be Expected Are As Follows

Escrow protected : The transferring money can be secured with the escrow process according to both the sender and receiver agrees to the terms and conditions.

Automated KYC Protection : Identity verification is most important, so with the original id proof images the user can get verified with in the user dashboard. 

Two Factor Authentication : The user expects an extra layer of security to have protection to guarantee their currency. So 2FA options have been integrated. 

Liquidity API : To increase the liquidity of the network and earn the trust of the traders to make users get connected with the network. 

Live Trade Charts : The trading charts details are auto updated, so that the user could find the recent trades and get brief abstract about the transactions

Online Wallet : To store the cryptocurrencies online  wallet gets included with a secure process. 

Instant Buying And Selling Currencies : The user can instantly buy and sell the cryptocurrencies at east time without any buffering time. 

Apart from this the most secure features are implemented in the script. 

Our team discusses the basic and business plan structure with you and finds the possibilities to make the business plan active. After developing the script according to the requirements, only after the complete testing process, the script get launched. 

We offer complete white label solution for the business 

For further details and collaboration for technical support feel free to contact us at or tap on the website Paxful clone