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Currently, the Cryptocurrency Exchange business is creating a trendsetter in the Cryptocurrency realm. Many Entrepreneurs start a cryptocurrency exchange and make lucrative profits. With the help of these Cryptocurrency exchanges, you can make money in numerous ways. If you have a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can get a commission to the buyer and seller of your exchange platform. Those commission fees were denoted as trading fees and transaction fees.

Here we gonna see the other ways to make money from the Cryptocurrency Exchange. It’s not a secret thing it is the knowledge that many of them wouldn’t inform. In this article, I going to explain this stuff if you are quite interested in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company. 

Let’s dive in.,

How do Crypto Exchange platforms make money?

Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms generate lucrative revenue from multiple sources not only one source. Yes! These Crypto Exchange platforms did not mean that it makes lucrative profits very easily. There is a little bit of risk that relies on that too. But, if you follow all the jurisdictions and guidelines you can able to make money from various sources. Here the following ways of points to make lucrative profits from Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms. They are,

  1. Trading fees
  2. Listing fees
  3. IEO fees
  4. Loyalty fees
  5. Advertising 
  6. Transaction fees
  7. Market making

Trading fees:

These trading fees are estimated based on multiple trading options that the traders pick for. If you are running any types of trading in the Cryptocurrency exchange software, then there are various possibilities to get trading fees revenue, whether if you have a less number of users in your exchange platform.

Listing fees:

If you have a cryptocurrency exchange platform, there are numerous companies, who would like to list their tokens on your platform, so that you will get an enormous hunk of revenue for listing a token. If you are accepting the companies token and listing a token into your exchange platform, users will think that it would be very helpful to earn users and traders.

IEO fees:

If some of the startups or entrepreneurs would like to introduce the coin or token in your crypto exchange platform in an IEO mode, they provide a considerable amount of fees to list the IEO into your exchange platform. 

Loyalty fees:

These loyalty fees are the new features enabled in the exchange operators using in their particular platforms. The purpose of these fees is in a parallel fee structure, that provides offers and rewards to the users when the user uses the tokens or coins in a respective way. This feature is not generated revenue that much, but also it gets more liquidity also keeps the number of users on your platform.


Same like Google Adsense, you can put advertisements in your exchange platform which is reliable and trustworthy. Also, you can run a private advertisement and earn lucrative profits.

Transaction fees:

These are the commonly known features, that you can generate some percentage of fees for every transaction from the buyer and seller of your exchange platform. Also, this is the primary source of income in your cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Market making:

Market making is nothing but it is simply marketing your coins or tokens. This marketization is used for every user and trader to know the importance of the particular coins or tokens. Also, you can organize the contest of most high-grade Coins or tokens and announce the cash prizes or coins for that particular token or coin holder in lucrative profits. 

How to start a Cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Now you have an idea to make money from the cryptocurrency exchange platform in various sources. Right! Hope you will definitely get inspired about these cryptocurrency exchange platform and get interested to start your own exchange platform. If you want to kick-start your business in a crypto way, you have three options to choose from:

  1. Develop a Crypto exchange from scratch
  2. Buy a Cryptocurrency exchange clone script based platform
  3. White label Cryptocurrency exchange platform

For these three options, I personally suggest option two that is Buy a Cryptocurrency exchange clone script-based platform. Because this platform is readily available software that launches your own Cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly within a couple of weeks. 

Zodeak – the proficient Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provider:

We Zodeak Technology – the leading provider of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script across the globe. We have a team of professional experts who have a vast amount of experience in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain realm also, they crafting your own Exchange platform based on your business requirements. Also, we customize all your needs such as modify or remove the features that you endeavor your needs. Also, we provide various Cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts such as.,

  1. Binance Clone Script
  2. Coinbase Clone Script
  3. Localbitcoin Clone Script
  4. Remitano Clone Script
  5. Paxful Clone Script and much more.,

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