Cryptocurrency trading makes the business people use the exchanges to complete the business dealings with the help of blockchain technology. 


Binance is the powerful crypto trading for business. It is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with more trading volume.


Coinbase is the broker exchange selling Bitcoins with more services and it supports more cryptos. The currency can be stored in the crypto wallet where merchants and consumers can transact. 

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Difference Between Binance and Coinbase

Services Offered

In Binance:

Buy Crypto using USD, Credit/Debit Cards, VISA, Mastercard, and  P2P crypto exchange.

The easiest way to trade at a basic level.Classic, simple, and easy to use interface.

Financial Staking is holding the cryptos and helps to earn rewards.

Cloud Service is offered in Binance helps to maintain the funds, trading pairs, and coin listings.

In Coinbase:

Buy/Sell Cryptos through Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, Wiretransfer, and through various cryptos. 

Coinbase Pro for individual crypto enthusiasts for API trading and Super Order allows trading on multiple exchanges based on the expectations.

Coinbase Prime for institutions to trade business funds and able to trade only when qualified.

Commerce accepts cryptocurrency to the website with a dedicated plugin. 

Ventures to develop in early-stage crypto companies offering finance to posses the team and ideas that can move crypto space.

Trading Fees

For Binance: 

Fees are low on Binance.

There are no charges for depositors

Withdrawal fees will be different based on the crypto transaction.

For Coinbase

To buy/sell crypto spread: 0.5% (increase or decrease due to market fluctuations)

Variable Percentage Fees for transactions based on price.


For Binance

Limit Orders – Only with a certain amount of price can be used to buy. If the market reaches the limit price the trade will be executed. 

Market Orders-Buy/Sell crypto at the best available in the market price.

Stop Limit Orders – Stop limit orders will be based on the cryptocurrency exchange. Stop limit order increases the market price.

For Coinbase

Buy Limit – Depends on the level of account maintenance

Withdrawal Limit – Maximum Available Balance.

Pros and Cons

For Binance



Multi-language Supported

Withdrawal and Transaction Fees are low

More than 100 cryptos can be used

Multiple Transactions can be done


Android Version application is slow

Customer Support Service is low

USA restricted margin 

For Coinbase


High Liquidity

Friendly user Interface

High Buying Limits


Limited Payment Options

Poor Customer Support

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