Entrepreneurs who are interested in crypto trading business would have heard of the word crypto currency exchange script, some may have influenced this and earned success. 

So what is special about the script ?

The ubiquitous one is cryptocurrencies are encrypted and digital forms of money. One can’t do exchanging just like FIAT money. 

To trade cryptocurrency one obviously needs an exchange platform. So to draft the platform one can make use of the exchange script and launch the trading platform. Wondering how ? check it now !

Crypto Currency Exchange Script

The script can be drafted based on your business module, because the exchange platforms are of two types. 

  • Centralised
  • Decentralised

Centralised – it is nothing but the platform doesn’t own a third party, based on the blockchain technology and hashcode functions every transaction happens and will cut the middle man requirement between the two end users. 

Decentralised – The script has a middle man, for every transaction and queries one can question the proprietor and will be responsible for every buy and sell happens within the platform. 

After choosing the kind of platform, you can decide about what kind of cryptocurrencies you’re going to integrate. Because there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies exist in the market, and initially one can make use of preferred currencies and integrate. Also can check whether to include FIAT exchange or not. 

More importantly for trading, three versions of platforms can be designed as basic, advanced, and margin. Based on the pro level of traders one can choose the dashboard and do trading. 

Wallet integration is one of the most important one to be incorporated into the script. It can be used for deposit, withdrawal, currency pooling and others. 

Apart from all these one can check out the features, functionalities and website appearance of the site to get launched. 

In this trading platform, the revenue is based on the commission process. For every buy and sell transaction, one has to pay the percentage of commission. The platform owner can decide the percentage and do implement the site. 

When currency gets involved then the security based features like two factor authentication, KYC AML and other options integrating will have additional benefits. 

Zodeak  For Best Trading Script 

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