Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange of buying/selling cryptocurrencies and fiat currency through an interface. The services supported in Coinbase are high compared to the other cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Recently Coinbase is giving a tough fight to Bitcoin in terms of the volume of users. Bitcoin is watching carefully the movement of Coinbase. Bitcoin scams improved a lot within 2years while the Coinbase provides the best platform to improve the trading volume.

The sudden swift change for the Coinbase cryptocurrency by improving the features provided for the users.

To start business plans with Coinbase Clone is the best idea to invest in a business. 

The best services are listed below to improve the business by adding to the script.

  1. Buy/Sell Cryptos
  2. Coinbase Pro
    1. For the individual and crypto enthusiast
    2. API Trading (Fully Featured)
    3. Super Order (Crypto Trading Terminal – Allows you to trade on multiple exchanges based on your expectations).
  3. Coinbase Prime
    1. Institutions trade with business funds and are able to trade only when qualified.
  4. Wallets
    1. Easy and secure to store cryptocurrencies.
  5. Commerce
    1. To accept the cryptocurrency payment by adding the plugin to the website.
  6. Ventures
    1. Finance to early-stage companies promising a possession of the ideas related to crypto space.
  7. Custody
    1. All digital assets are segregated and hold in trust to benefit the clients.
  8. Coinbase Earn
    1. Earn crypto by studying the tutorials posted on the website.
  9. US Currency
    1. Stable coins can be backed in the US currency and can redeem 1USDC for 1$.

Supported Cryptos

Many cryptocurrency are supported in Coinbase and the payment gateway methods included like Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer only for the selected locations.

Transaction Fees/Limits

The transaction fees in Coinbase is based on the amount sent by the makers and the takers received.


Buy Limit: Buy limit in Coinbase is based on the level of account. The level of account is based on the transactions that have already happened. It is able to buy a small amount of Bitcoin to raise the buying limits. To raise the buying limits provide the following

  • Verify the phone number.
  • Verify personal information.
  • Verify the photo id provided with the related information. 

Withdrawal Limit: Withdrawal limit is zero that is the maximum available balance can be withdrawn to the other account.

Reasons To Select Zodeak Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase Clone Script is similar to Coinbase with all the core features provided with a good user experience. Entrepreneurs can plan the Coinbase Script to improve your business.

Features Provided

2F Authentication

2 Step verification is the major security deal that includes both phone number and email id to access the OTP to login in. Various 2-factor authentication methods are available, they are facial recognition, passwords, security questions, biometric verification, and so on.

Trust Wallet Integration

The wallet is integrated within our clone script to store the cryptos secure and can be transferred to the bank account at any time.

Multiple Crypto Support

Multiple cryptos can be used in our Coinbase Clone Script. Users can use any cryptocurrency to buy the cryptocurrencies.

Dispute Management

If any problem arises during the payment completion that can be addressed to the customer support team to sort out.

Contact Zodeak soon at you soon as our client.