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Upgraded features in our Zodeakx – Binance Clone Script

Upgraded features in our Zodeakx – Binance Clone Script

We are living in a techy world and moving towards digitalization. Same as digital currency like Cryptocurrency plays a most significant role in the marketing realm. Because of the growth of Cryptocurrencies, many countries are getting authorized and legalized Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Many Entrepreneurs are getting ready to invest their hard-earned money in this realm. Some of the entrepreneurs make their business in the crypto world and earn lucrative profits. 

We all know that Binance is the king of the Cryptocurrency Exchange. This Binance Exchange Supports more than 200+ cryptocurrencies also this Binance launches the Binance DEX for decentralized trading. Because of the growth of Binance, many entrepreneurs get inspired and start their own business in cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.

In the wake of Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, We Zodeakx provides the Enthralling Binance Clone Script that has superlative features and functionalities which is drafted like Binance Exchange. In this article, we are gonna see about the upgraded features that we incorporated with our proficient Binance Clone Script.

Let’s dive into the features.,

Features that incorporated with our Binance Clone Script:

Recently, we integrated the features in our Zodeakx – Binance Clone Script. This Binance clone has really assisted every entrepreneur and startup and becomes successful people in the Crypto market realm. 

Some of the features are.,

  1. Secured Signup / Jail Login
  2. Fiat Currency Integration
  3. Crypto Deposit and Withdraw Option
  4. Multiple Trading Option
  5. Two-factor authentication
  6. KYC Authentication
  7. Anti-Phishing Code Implementation
  8. Incorporate High-end Technology
  9. Account Reactivation
  10. Hot and Cold Wallet Integration
  11. Device Management

Secured Signup / Jail Login:

This Feature enables every user to register in a securable way. With the help of Email verification, users can enable their account and move to the next level of the Login session.

When you log in, this contains a certain limit of unwanted attempts. Also if you enable the two-factor authentication, it will be more secure and more effective for your account. 

Fiat Currency Integration:

We Zodeakx integrate a fiat currency to deposit or withdraw in a hassle-free manner. In the Fiat deposit section, users deposit their money in the admin bank that is mentioned on the Fiat Deposit page. With the help of the details, the user can deposit any currency in the account. If the admin receives it, he/she gets approved and integrates the value in their account. 

On the other hand, Fiat Withdraw helps the user to withdraw their money. Before withdrawing the account user must add their bank account details in the bank details option. After integrating the bank details, choose the desired bank account, desired currency that you want, Enter the amount to make the withdrawal transaction. 

Crypto Deposit and Withdraw Option:

Same as Fiat, You can deposit or withdraw the cryptocurrency in a securable way. You can deposit or withdraw the cryptocurrency in the given maximum and the minimum amount mentioned in the Crypto exchange platform.

Multiple Trading Option

Zodeakx provides three trading options as Limit orders, Market orders, and Stop-Limit orders for the user for trading. These types of orders help the users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in various ways that coordinate with the market price. 

Two-factor authentication

Both user and admin have a Two-factor authentication, if both admin and user enable the 2FA option, it ensures the highest level of security and protects your account from violations and spam.

KYC Authentication

Users must enable their KYC for authentication and secure transactions. Once the user submitted their KYC, the admin verifies each and every profile whether the submitted document is correct or not. If the submitted document is authenticated, the admin took action as an approval or rejection.

Anti-Phishing Code Implementation

This Anti-Phishing code is the additional layer of security that helps the users easily understand whether the verification mail or other mail comes from Zodeakx or not. If you enable the anti-phishing code you can perceive that the notification comes from Zodeakx otherwise the email comes from other unwanted attempts.

Incorporate High-end Technology

With the help of advanced technologies that integrate into our Zodeakx such as Angular and Node JS which helps to get faster performance, reduces page load time, and quicker transaction process. 

Account Reactivation

Multiple times of unwanted login attempts make your account disabled. If it occurs, with the help of your submitted email, you can get a verification mail to reactivate your account.

Hot and Cold Wallet Integration

Implementation of Hot and cold wallet helps the user to store, receive or retrieve their cryptocurrency and fiat in a securable manner.

Device Management

If the user adds the trusted device, at the hand of the trusted device, the user can easily identify the unwanted login device and take action as delete. 

Summing up:

Zodeakx is the top-notch Binance Clone script Software that offers highly customizable solutions and provides above mentioned features and functionalities along with security features that are drafted like Binance. If you are the person who wants to start a Cryptocurrency like Binance, without any hesitation, you can trust our product Zodeakx – Binance Clone.

To get more information or inquiries about our Binance Clone, Kindly contact us via,

Email: sales@innblockchain.com

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How To Start A Crypto Trading Business With Coinbase Clone Script ?

Not to mention crypto trading utilization has been skyrocketing. Crypto trading has conquered the confusion and unreliability and stood as a definitive option for digital currencies trading. Like gold, share market, and other properties investing in cryptocurrency has been in practice these days.

So by grabbing the opportunities of this crypto trending, one can start the crypto trading business with the cryptocurrency exchange script of Coinbase clone script.

Steps To Start With Coinbase Clone Script :

Initially plan the location where to get started, because location always plays a major role. Some countries officially allow trading and some may have limitations. So the complete checklist has to be prepared and implemented properly. 

The business plan like the marketing strategies, how to overcome the competitors, revenue model, and many others has to get drafted. Because without a plan at hectic situations one can get away from the track.

Technical support is the major one for trading business, Coinbase clone script with the exact features and functionalities can be the trump card to launch the business in a short span of time. Mainly the script has to be user-friendly and secure to do trading.

Once the site is ready you can also incorporate your own coin, when the platform gets major visitors then your value of the coin can rise.

Generally, many countries do not require registration for online business, this registration depends on the country’s protocol, so check and proceed with that. 

Finally, launch the site and do promotions.

Zodeak offers The Coinbase Clone Script

As the major requirement for the business is technical support, the Zodeak team has years of experience in aiding entrepreneurs. With the secured features and functionality the site will get drafted. 

Features Included 

Liquidity Management: From the admin dashboard the liquidity can be managed effectively.
ICO Support: Initial coin offering has integrated can launch or promote new coins. 

Multi-Signature Wallet: To store coins or cryptocurrency digital wallets has been incorporated.
Two Factor Authentication: For an extra layer of security 2FA has been included.
Multi-Currency Pairing: The script can be paired with other cryptocurrencies. 

Also, the features available are more in number, please check the website to get to know about the script. In round-the-clock service, our team will support you to make your business desire come true. 

The Most Profitable Business Venture in 2021

One right decision and consistency may save an entrepreneur from many adverse situations. Because these days many good businesses have sloped down and similarly many businesses like delivery, online shopping, crypto investment platforms and others have skyrocketed. 

Do any of us deny the fact that pandemic has made the process of businesses take a different road? Obviously a “BIG NO” isnt it? 

So before we get going, look over the groundwork we have done regarding the business opportunity that may have a progressive success rate. 

What Is the Cryptocurrency Platform? 

As said earlier, online based businesses had a positive surge, crypto trading is also one among that. 

There is always a talk about scams and people losing money in crypto exchanges, sadly it still happens. Yet the traders, hunting regarding the genuine platform have changed the game now and recently the conviction has a better image. 

Quite interesting right? Then how come an entrepreneur can miss this opportunity. 

Step into this online trading field before it’s too late. 

Business opportunities are as follows

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform 

As cryptocurrencies are digital modes of money, one needs a secure platform to do transactions from FIAT to cryptos, crypto to crypto and crypto to FIAT. Here, the commission will be your source of earning for every trade done. Also, the commission can be either in FIAT or cryptos based on your choice. 

The one highly prioritized requirement for this startup is cryptocurrency exchange script for the technical needs followed by that marketing, planning and much more to get processed. 

For example Binance, Coinbase allow the user to create an account in their platform and earn commission for usage of the site, Wallet storage, trading and others. 

At the initial stage it’s hard to make the revenue but when N number traders start using it then they can excel in this field. 

Crypto Wallet Service 

For trading, one can make use of a trading platform, but to store the digital currency digital wallets are a prerequisite. Wallet can be either in hot/cold format. 

As security plays a significant role for online trading, many look for the safest digital wallet to get influenced for their storage. So this would also be a good option to get into. 

ICO Launch

To earn funds and enlarge the business, ICO are in demand. So you can launch your own ICO’s in a few business days and earn a lot of revenue in it. 

Also there are many possibilities in this crypto digital world to do business. 

Zodeak the blockchain and cryptocurrency script consultants will help you to clarify the queries and technically support to launch your business. Feel free to reach us on the website – Zodeak Bitcoin Trading script

Big cheers !

Coinbase Clone – A Best Business Investment Plan

Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange of buying/selling cryptocurrencies and fiat currency through an interface. The services supported in Coinbase are high compared to the other cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Recently Coinbase is giving a tough fight to Bitcoin in terms of the volume of users. Bitcoin is watching carefully the movement of Coinbase. Bitcoin scams improved a lot within 2years while the Coinbase provides the best platform to improve the trading volume.

The sudden swift change for the Coinbase cryptocurrency by improving the features provided for the users.

To start business plans with Coinbase Clone is the best idea to invest in a business. 

The best services are listed below to improve the business by adding to the script.

  1. Buy/Sell Cryptos
  2. Coinbase Pro
    1. For the individual and crypto enthusiast
    2. API Trading (Fully Featured)
    3. Super Order (Crypto Trading Terminal – Allows you to trade on multiple exchanges based on your expectations).
  3. Coinbase Prime
    1. Institutions trade with business funds and are able to trade only when qualified.
  4. Wallets
    1. Easy and secure to store cryptocurrencies.
  5. Commerce
    1. To accept the cryptocurrency payment by adding the plugin to the website.
  6. Ventures
    1. Finance to early-stage companies promising a possession of the ideas related to crypto space.
  7. Custody
    1. All digital assets are segregated and hold in trust to benefit the clients.
  8. Coinbase Earn
    1. Earn crypto by studying the tutorials posted on the website.
  9. US Currency
    1. Stable coins can be backed in the US currency and can redeem 1USDC for 1$.

Supported Cryptos

Many cryptocurrency are supported in Coinbase and the payment gateway methods included like Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer only for the selected locations.

Transaction Fees/Limits

The transaction fees in Coinbase is based on the amount sent by the makers and the takers received.


Buy Limit: Buy limit in Coinbase is based on the level of account. The level of account is based on the transactions that have already happened. It is able to buy a small amount of Bitcoin to raise the buying limits. To raise the buying limits provide the following

  • Verify the phone number.
  • Verify personal information.
  • Verify the photo id provided with the related information. 

Withdrawal Limit: Withdrawal limit is zero that is the maximum available balance can be withdrawn to the other account.

Reasons To Select Zodeak Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase Clone Script is similar to Coinbase with all the core features provided with a good user experience. Entrepreneurs can plan the Coinbase Script to improve your business.

Features Provided

2F Authentication

2 Step verification is the major security deal that includes both phone number and email id to access the OTP to login in. Various 2-factor authentication methods are available, they are facial recognition, passwords, security questions, biometric verification, and so on.

Trust Wallet Integration

The wallet is integrated within our clone script to store the cryptos secure and can be transferred to the bank account at any time.

Multiple Crypto Support

Multiple cryptos can be used in our Coinbase Clone Script. Users can use any cryptocurrency to buy the cryptocurrencies.

Dispute Management

If any problem arises during the payment completion that can be addressed to the customer support team to sort out.

Contact Zodeak soon at cryptocurrencyscript1@gmail.com.Meet you soon as our client.

Security Features Offered In Our Exchange Scripts

We Zodeak, a  blockchain development company provided an exchange script for Entrepreneurs to start the business in cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency exchange script provided by Zodeak are as follows,

Security Features

Security is the most important factor in cryptocurrency. The exchange between the traders should be safe to send and receive digital currency. The security features should be properly incorporated without a 1% possibility of scam. It should be well followed that the hackers cannot attempt to access it.

2F Authentication

2 Step verification is the major security deal that includes both phone number and email id to access the OTP to login in. Various 2-factor authentication methods are available, they are facial recognition, passwords, security questions, biometric verification, and so on.

Escrow Wallet Service

Escrow is the intermediate platform between the buyers and sellers to hold and transfer the payment after accepting the agreement and verified properly.

Advantages of Escrow

  • Low-cost solution
  • Protection between both the parties
  • Reduced Risks

KYC Verification

It is a process of verifying the customers to ensure that the details provided are in a proper way. The verification can be done by confirming the phone number and submitting a personal ID.

Dispute Management

If any problem arises during the payment completion that can be addressed to the customer support team to sort out.

Data Encryption

Translates a single data into a form of code or key that can be accessed only by certain people you give permission.

End to End Encrypted Transactions

Only both users of a transaction can see the details which are encrypted. The third-party cannot decrypt the data.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication is provided to secure the money transactions and user info.

Browser Detection Security

As Malware is updating frequently it is required to safeguard the browser security patches created to secure the details.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation is included in our script to protect the server or network by the attack and know the incoming threat prevented in the cloud.

Anti Phishing

Anti Phishing technology is to prevent unauthorized access to security information and to protect data.

SSL Integration

Secure Socket Layer is a protocol to secure connection between server and client.

HTTPS Authentication

Https is a secure method of authentication of web pages.

Cryptocurrency Exchange: Reinventing The Future Of Business.!

Cryptocurrency entered the world to create a new future to improve people’s finance. The evolution of cryptocurrency started in 2009  the new digital age was born by entering the decentralized network. The real value of cryptocurrencies is an investment in tomorrow’s financial system. Cryptocurrencies can be used to create a diverse and transformative way.

(Note: To start cryptocurrency exchange development business visit the website to know more about the features.) 


Used for purchasing the goods without using fiat currency and paid with the help of a digital medium. 

Value Storage

 The value of cryptocurrency is increased on a daily basis. So, storing the cryptocurrency the value will be increased like golds as the value influences.

Digital Ownership

The digital medium can be authorized for personal use only. No banks or any central system have the authority to use it.

Cryptocurrency Taxonomies

As the crypto gains momentum, the ecosystem is growing rapidly. Worldwide, private and public created with new policies and rising adoption.


Privacy for everyone uses cryptocurrency; the anonymous feature is included.


People are trusting more in cryptocurrency and having the ability to access every single feature included in crypto space.


Any large amount of cryptos can be transferred to anyone around the world. The time taken is reduced to transfer the currencies.


Every crypto user is provided with their own private and public key with all the security features like 2 Factor authentication and biometric authentication.

Programmable money

Unlike fiat currencies, programmable money will eliminate manual and administrative work.

Decentralized Utilities

Exchanging between the assets, decentralized utilities helps to have a smart contract system.

Cryptocurrency is adding value and utility to the digital environment and offers solutions having complexity in the finance world.

Why is Cryptocurrency important?

No Ownership Control

There is no central authority or the government to control your transactions.


Every Individual can access the cryptocurrency for free and sign up to the exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies.

Greater Security

The fraudulent activities are minimized in the digital world. If that happens,  dispute management is the best solution to solve a problem.

Lower Costs

Transaction fees are reduced by the third-party cryptocurrency applications.

Greater Financial Control

It is your right to take financial control of your accounts. Transactions can be done only with your permission by agreeing with the contract.

Growth of Crypto Economy

The number of Blockchain-based technology and cryptocurrency use has increased. Cryptocurrency users store cryptos in the wallet and exchange it at the right time. Overall cryptocurrencies are paving the way to improve the finance system around the world.

Cryptocurrency deserves an opportunity to find a sustainable future in our economy.

Adena Friedman, President & CEO of NASDAQ

The future of cryptocurrency is still forming a shape but one thing is that the value and craze will be present forever.

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange development business to stay up and lead the way in the crypto business by contacting Zodeak – Blockchain Solution Provider. 

Visit the website or mail through cyptocurrencyscript1@gmail.com and be as our client.