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Upgraded features in our Zodeakx – Binance Clone Script

Upgraded features in our Zodeakx – Binance Clone Script

We are living in a techy world and moving towards digitalization. Same as digital currency like Cryptocurrency plays a most significant role in the marketing realm. Because of the growth of Cryptocurrencies, many countries are getting authorized and legalized Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Many Entrepreneurs are getting ready to invest their hard-earned money in this realm. Some of the entrepreneurs make their business in the crypto world and earn lucrative profits. 

We all know that Binance is the king of the Cryptocurrency Exchange. This Binance Exchange Supports more than 200+ cryptocurrencies also this Binance launches the Binance DEX for decentralized trading. Because of the growth of Binance, many entrepreneurs get inspired and start their own business in cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.

In the wake of Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, We Zodeakx provides the Enthralling Binance Clone Script that has superlative features and functionalities which is drafted like Binance Exchange. In this article, we are gonna see about the upgraded features that we incorporated with our proficient Binance Clone Script.

Let’s dive into the features.,

Features that incorporated with our Binance Clone Script:

Recently, we integrated the features in our Zodeakx – Binance Clone Script. This Binance clone has really assisted every entrepreneur and startup and becomes successful people in the Crypto market realm. 

Some of the features are.,

  1. Secured Signup / Jail Login
  2. Fiat Currency Integration
  3. Crypto Deposit and Withdraw Option
  4. Multiple Trading Option
  5. Two-factor authentication
  6. KYC Authentication
  7. Anti-Phishing Code Implementation
  8. Incorporate High-end Technology
  9. Account Reactivation
  10. Hot and Cold Wallet Integration
  11. Device Management

Secured Signup / Jail Login:

This Feature enables every user to register in a securable way. With the help of Email verification, users can enable their account and move to the next level of the Login session.

When you log in, this contains a certain limit of unwanted attempts. Also if you enable the two-factor authentication, it will be more secure and more effective for your account. 

Fiat Currency Integration:

We Zodeakx integrate a fiat currency to deposit or withdraw in a hassle-free manner. In the Fiat deposit section, users deposit their money in the admin bank that is mentioned on the Fiat Deposit page. With the help of the details, the user can deposit any currency in the account. If the admin receives it, he/she gets approved and integrates the value in their account. 

On the other hand, Fiat Withdraw helps the user to withdraw their money. Before withdrawing the account user must add their bank account details in the bank details option. After integrating the bank details, choose the desired bank account, desired currency that you want, Enter the amount to make the withdrawal transaction. 

Crypto Deposit and Withdraw Option:

Same as Fiat, You can deposit or withdraw the cryptocurrency in a securable way. You can deposit or withdraw the cryptocurrency in the given maximum and the minimum amount mentioned in the Crypto exchange platform.

Multiple Trading Option

Zodeakx provides three trading options as Limit orders, Market orders, and Stop-Limit orders for the user for trading. These types of orders help the users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in various ways that coordinate with the market price. 

Two-factor authentication

Both user and admin have a Two-factor authentication, if both admin and user enable the 2FA option, it ensures the highest level of security and protects your account from violations and spam.

KYC Authentication

Users must enable their KYC for authentication and secure transactions. Once the user submitted their KYC, the admin verifies each and every profile whether the submitted document is correct or not. If the submitted document is authenticated, the admin took action as an approval or rejection.

Anti-Phishing Code Implementation

This Anti-Phishing code is the additional layer of security that helps the users easily understand whether the verification mail or other mail comes from Zodeakx or not. If you enable the anti-phishing code you can perceive that the notification comes from Zodeakx otherwise the email comes from other unwanted attempts.

Incorporate High-end Technology

With the help of advanced technologies that integrate into our Zodeakx such as Angular and Node JS which helps to get faster performance, reduces page load time, and quicker transaction process. 

Account Reactivation

Multiple times of unwanted login attempts make your account disabled. If it occurs, with the help of your submitted email, you can get a verification mail to reactivate your account.

Hot and Cold Wallet Integration

Implementation of Hot and cold wallet helps the user to store, receive or retrieve their cryptocurrency and fiat in a securable manner.

Device Management

If the user adds the trusted device, at the hand of the trusted device, the user can easily identify the unwanted login device and take action as delete. 

Summing up:

Zodeakx is the top-notch Binance Clone script Software that offers highly customizable solutions and provides above mentioned features and functionalities along with security features that are drafted like Binance. If you are the person who wants to start a Cryptocurrency like Binance, without any hesitation, you can trust our product Zodeakx – Binance Clone.

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