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An Ultimate Guide of DeFi Yield Farming Development Services

An Ultimate Guide of DeFi Yield Farming Development Services

DeFi Yield Farming Development has become the rocket fuel of the DeFi Economy and grab the attention of many crypto users in the world. Because of the positive presence of sparkle in the crypto world, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is getting enlarging and the latest hype machine nowadays. 

Compared to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, DeFi plays and stands in the hottest position. Also, this DeFi platform, revamping the financial infrastructure and process with more advanced techniques. 

In this article, we are going to see what is DeFi Yield Farming? And How this concept helps the average crypto user.

What is DeFi?

DeFi is the short term of Decentralized Finance, Also it is denoted as Decentralized open Finance. Decentralized Finance can build an alternate financial infrastructure to the endowment system which covers banks, insurance companies, exchanges, and much more., These DeFi related protocols can be exerted without approval, because of the decentralization system.

Get more information about DeFi read more: Decentralized Finance – An Ultimate Guide for Crypto Startups

What is DeFi Yield Farming?

DeFi YieldFarming is the ultimate strategy to generate rewards by empowering cryptos in the market of DeFi. Simply said, DeFi Yield Farming demonstrates that holding the digital assets and getting a fixed interest or rewards. 

DeFi offers user incentives to deposit tokens and renders liquidity to the DeFi protocols commonly called Yield Farming. Another name of Yield Farming is called Liquidity mining and this is the growing method of receiving rewards from crypto capital speculations. 

How does DeFi Yield Farming work?

YieldFarming is not investing in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stablecoins. It actually demonstrates that lending digital assets in DeFi protocols assist in creating opportunities to gain rewards and interests. 

In this Yield Farming, “Farming” relates to the gathering high percentage gain generated by offering liquidity for various DeFi ecosystems. 

In this DeFi world, Farmer of the Yield is playing a major role in the bank and lending their funds to improve the use of tokens and coins in the DeFi marketplace. That DeFi protocol turns and generates yield for the lender. 

This YieldFarming ecosystem is carried out with a Blockchain-powered Smart contract that merges lenders and borrowers and that wages to be remunerated for the investors. 

DeFi Yield Farming Tokens – What is that?

DeFi Yield Farming tokens or digital assets that contribute a set of financial value and gain access to get auspicious opportunities. These tokens are controlled with the help of smart contracts that could be run on the Blockchain networks. This will bring internationalized economic investors towards the DeFi Yield Farming ecosystem. 

Here is the list of DeFi Yield Farming Tokens, they are,

  2. Maker – MKR
  3. Kyber Network – KNC Token
  4. Synthetix – SNX Token
  5. Aave – LEND Token
  6. UMA- UMA Token
  7. Loopring – LRC Token 

Roles of Smart contract in DeFi Yield Farming Development

The entire functionality of the Yield Farming platforms is contributed with the help of smart contracts which are the building blocks of the platform. This platform is based on the self-executing smart contracts built on the various blockchain networks.

If both the conditions are met in the Yieldfarming platform, the smart contracts will automatically execute and make transactions. After launching the DeFi Yield Farming Development Platform, you need to double-check or inspect the smart contracts for your Yield farming projects. 

To create, develop, and deploy such smart contracts, Solidity – the Ethereum Programming language is specifically used. A vast number of DeFi products that implement Yield Farming make use of Ethereum Blockchain for constructing Smart contracts.

Roles of Liquidity providers in Yield Farming

Without the liquidity providers, Yieldfarming is not attainable for those who venture their deposits in liquidity pools. This liquidity pool acts as a smart contract where a buyer and seller agreement is encoded and available in the decentralized blockchain platform.

Some of the foremost mining platforms are,

  • Compound
  • Yearn Finance
  • Uniswap
  • Maker DAO
  • Curve Finance etc.,

How are the Returns of Investment(ROI) calculated in DeFi Yield Farming?

These DeFi Yield farming returns are calculated annually. Prevalently used metrics of DeFi Yield Farming platforms are Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield.

Annual Percentage Rate(APR)

This formula refers to the annual rate of returns that are enforced on lenders but the wages were paid to capital investors. The most important feature is that the interest acquired is not to buy assets in the investment plan to make more interest.

Annual Percentage Yield(APY)

This Annual Percentage Yield is determined by an annual rate of return that might be changed on capital lenders and paid to the capital providers lately. APY is not an explicit APR, but only the former of the platform permits compounding of interest that brings in more returns to the investors of the platform. 

Why Choose Zodeak for the best DeFi Yield Farming Development Company?

We are Zodeak – the leading DeFi Development Services that renders the complete solution of DeFi Yield Farming Development Services and Solutions to the crypto people all over the world. 

We offer highly innovative features and functionalities that ensure you provide high-end technologies implemented in our DeFi solutions. With the help of our well-developed team of blockchain, experts assist you to offer top-notch services to launch your own DeFi Yield Farming Development.

We also offer end-to-end solutions of our DeFi solutions such as,

  1. DeFi Smart Contract
  2. DeFi Token Development
  3. DeFi Dapp Development
  4. DeFi Lending & Borrowing Platform Development
  5. DeFi Wallet Development
  6. Decentralized Exchange Script Development and much more.,

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BakerySwap Clone Script – To create an effective DeFi Exchange like BakerySwap

BakerySwap Clone Script – To create an effective DeFi Exchange like BakerySwap

BakerySwap Clone Script

Bakeryswap Clone script is the complete version of DeFi powered Decentralized Exchange that operates similarly to Bakeryswap. This Bakeryswap clone works with the help of Binance Smart chain(BSC) and Automated Market-making(AMM). 

This Clone script of Bakeryswap offered by Zodeak delivers the inbuilt features and functionalities like Bakeryswap provides Swapping and Staking of Crypto tokens. 

Overview of BakerySwap

Bakeryswap is the top-notch performing DeFi based Decentralized Exchange, that operates over the (BSC)Binance Smart Chain. This can deliver the NFT tokenization along with the unique features that remain in line with the help of Uniswap. And this Platform works over the Ethereum Blockchain framework. The base token of this BakerySwap is processed through BEP20.

Today’s Cryptosphere is very well known about the impact of the Binance Network world in the Decentralized Exchange domains. With the plenteous options available in Blockchain Technology, this crypto sphere grabs more attention towards the Network of Binance essential chain entitled as Binance Smart Chain.

BakerySwap Clone

This Binance Smart Chain plays as a reputable Standard that promotes Future evolution projects. If you have an idea to build an effective DeFi powered platform that integrates with DEX and Binance Smart Chain, then Bakeryswap is the best choice for you. We Zodeak assist you with the fully-fledged DeFi powered DEX platform which is similar to Bakeryswap with our premium Bakeryswap Clone Script.

BakerySwap Clone Development

To Develop a Bakeryswap Clone, you shake hands with our Zodeak’s Bakery swap clone. We develop inbuilt features along with automated market makers over the Binance Smart chain. BakerySwap Clone receives the users to stake and bake, create remarkable NFT combos, and acquire their own NFT pets. This Bakeryswap clone Script allows the following tokens like BSC’s BEP2 and BEP20 token standards.

Features included in our BakerySwap Clone

  • Swapping Mechanism
  • Smart contracts
  • Trading & Earning options
  • Exchange & Liquidity pools
  • NFT Marketplace Platform
  • Gamification with DeFi
  • Analytics Info
  • Yield Farming Implementation

Also, here are the highlighted implementation in our Bakeryswap clone script, they are,

Bakery Gallery

This Bakery Gallery aims with the mission of getting attention to the ample amount of artists and collectors in one location. This is the curated marketplace in the Bakeryswap environment. Also, you can reach the NFTs with the help of bakery gallery drops.

>> Binance Smart chain Artists

>> Meme Contests

>> Featured Artists


BSC Game Box is a new conceptualization in gamification particularly for $SOCCER and $POKER token handlers. This Gamification complies with the Binance Smart chain. Also, this Gamers includes top gaming partners includes,

>> AlienWorlds

>> Battle Pets

>> My Neighbor Alice

Analytics Info

The Complete sequential analytics of Bakeryswap states the price of BNB and the transaction history for a period of 24 hours.

How does the Bakery Swap Clone script work?

With the flow of DeFi based Food-themed projects, it is necessary to make a smart move to perform in the marketplace and be unique compared to the competitors. So that, If you want to obtain a unique place under the DEX world, this Bakeryswap Clone arranged the agile set of protocols.

The Bakeryswap Clone Script works offer an extensive range of exhibits to the users by just three simple layers.

  • Launchpad
  • NFT Supermarket
  • Liquidity Provision

Build a DeFi Exchange like Bakeryswap

With our BakerySwap Clone Script, you can build a DeFi based Exchange that operates similarly to BakerySwap. This Bakery Swap Clone contains inbuilt features and functionalities of BakerySwap. 

Are you planning to Start a DeFi exchange like BakerySwap?? You can use the readily available BakerySwap Clone script which has the same peculiarities as the BakerySwap exchange and operates in just a couple of days.

Also, you can utilize a White label Bakery Swap Clone Script which is a customizable and 100% bug-free solution, that is developed from the ground up and implements additional traits and functionalities of the BakerySwap exchange that you can customize as required.

Where can you develop a DeFi based DEX like Bakeryswap?

We Zodeak – the Top-notch DeFi Development Services that provides all the DeFi powered Decentralized Exchange platforms like Bakeryswap. We offer the superior Bakeryswap clone script in both scratch and script software too. 

We deliver the Bakeryswap clone software with user-friendly features along with customizable and stunning UI/UX, Cryptocurrency market analysis which is contributing to the token associated with the DEX of BEP20 in the form of Bakes.

Also, we provide various DeFi based DEX exchange platforms such as,

PantherSwap Clone Script

Safemoon Clone Script

Sushiswap Clone Script

Uniswap Clone Script

BakerySwap Clone Script

And much more., 

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SushiSwap Clone Script – To launch DeFi Exchange like SushiSwap

SushiSwap Clone Script – To launch DeFi Exchange like SushiSwap

SushiSwap Clone Script

SushiSwap Clone script is a source code for launching a DeFi exchange like Sushiswap that helps to swap a wide array of tokens, and it is built over the Ethereum platform. It aims to eradicate the middlemen or centralized control over the user assets, and it operates with the help of smart contracts and liquidity pools. sushiswap clone script is a multi-tested script that has inbuilt features and functionalities like DeFi exchange sushiswap.

SushiSwap Overview

SushiSwap launched in August 2020. SushiSwap is a Decentralized exchange that operates similar to Uniswap. It is Ethereum based on the decentralized exchange that allows users to swap a wide range of tokens, and it eliminates the centralized authority instead works with smartcontract. It has a governance token called SUSHI.

SUSHI token

Sushi is a governance token a reward provided for liquidity mining. Sushi enables its users to partake in the governance of the platform and allows them to acquire a part of the fees paid to the protocol by the users. 

Users can take part in platform governance by submitting their SushiSwap Improvement Proposal (SIP). Sushi tokens can be exchanged on crypto exchanges like Binance, FTX, and OKEx exchanges.

Exclusive Features of Our SushiSwap Clone Script

  • Automated Market Making Process
  • Offers Token Rewards to liquidity providers
  • Bootstrap Liquidity In Sushiswap
  • Incorporate all DEX features
  • 100% Customizable
  •  Smart Contract powered DEX platform
  • Utilizes an On-chain protocol that uses ERC 20 tokens.

Key Benefits of Our SushiSwap Clone Script

“No” Know Your Customer

No need for providing identity proofs for participating in tradings as they are decentralized and operate with smartcontract anonymously without any restriction.

Collect more tokens 

SUSHI is a native token used for governance. Users get rewards for taking part in liquidity pools. 

Sushi Swap model 

0.25% will go immediately to the current liquidity providers whereas 0.05% will get changed back to SUSHI and rewarded to sushi holders. 

Protocol Design Of DEX SushiSwap 

Liquidity Providers Incentives

The user providing their assets on liquidity pools earn trading fees and earn SUSHI tokens as rewards. Sushi is a governance token that allows the user to acquire rewards and trading fees as part of rewards for the active liquidity providers.

Token Distribution

Tokens are distributed to the users taking part in liquidity pools and locking their tokens for staking in the platform. The user is able to get sushi tokens as rewards and transactions fee as parts of additional benefits.

Reward Distribution

0.3% of the trading fees in the liquidity pools are evenly allocated to the liquidity providers. In the platform, 0.25% of trading fees immediately go for the active liquidity providers. In which 0.05% of SUSHI turns back and is distributed to the SUSHI token holders. 

The Liquidity Migration

The migration of shareholders from the Uniswap to the Sushiswap initializes new liquidity pools. These newly developed pools will be like the standard Uniswap pool, with the added feature that any fees accrued will be distributed to SUSHI token holders. 

Security Audit

Treating security as a crucial factor we do unit test coverage and tests each and everything that works on the testnet. The auditing smart contract must be confirmed initially. Then a specific number of ETH is rewarded after confirmation.

Vampire Mining

The DeFi works with Automated market makers (AMMs), the AMM uses liquidity pools the place where users’ digital assets are pooled with the help of smart contracts, and users can get loans and pays interest to the liquidity providers. The user who liquidates their tokens gets their interest/earning LP token as a reward from the liquidity pools. The user directly trades their digital assets with smartcontract anonymously without any restrictions. 

The Founder Nomi decided to get liquidity from the uniswap they decided to offer traders two types of rewards like users get SUSHI tokens on depositing in liquidity pools and a certain amount from the part of transaction fee on the protocols. The user started to lock their UNISWAP LP tokens in sushiswap to get the SUSHI token and part of the transaction fee from the protocol. The act of draining Uniswap liquidity to the Sushiswap is called Vampire Minning.

Sushiswap Smart Contracts

The followings are the list of the contracts:

SushiToken: The token contract, with COMP/YAM voting procedure.

MasterChef: Deposit LPs tokens to farm SUSHI.

SushiMaker: Accumulate revenues, convert to SUSHI, and send to SushiBar.

SushiBar: Stake SUSHI to earn more SUSHI.

Migrator: Transfer MasterChef LP tokens of Uniswap to SushiSwap.

GovernorAlpha + Timelock: Governance stuff from Compound.

SushiSwap Clone App Development 

We offer the SushiSwap Clone App to provide a versatile web application that is able to handle user requests from a wide range of devices from various platforms like iOs, android & windows efficiently.

We design and develop an application that is capable of scaling the performance according to the rising business demands. Our SushiSwap Clone App is customizable according to the client’s business demands. 

Why launch a DeFi exchange like SushiSwap?

The SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that operates with an Automatic market maker instead of the order book, it allows anonymous trading over the platform without any restriction and it helps to trade tokens and users able to get a fraction part of the transaction fee collected at platforms. 

The SushiSwap is one of the popular DeFi exchanges in the market with a 24-hour trading volume of $175,053,629 USD. The market cap of $1,015,192,662 USD. It has liquidity of 127,244,443 SUSHI coins.

Why choose Zodeak for SushiSwap Clone Script?

Zodeak, being a reputed DeFi development company providing best-in-class DeFi development services to the entrepreneur to launch their DeFi platforms like Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, etc. We have a pool of blockchain architects with in-depth knowledge in developing a DeFi platform. We use intuitive UI/UX, highly secured protocols, scalable features, robust smartcontract, & AMM, etc.

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PantherSwap Clone Script – Kickstart your DeFi based Decentralized Exchange like PantherSwap

PantherSwap Clone Script – Kickstart your DeFi based Decentralized Exchange like PantherSwap

What is the PantherSwap Clone Script?

PantherSwap Clone script is the complete version of DeFi based Decentralized Exchange that works similarly to PantherSwap. This DeFi-based Decentralized Exchange Script was built with the help of Binance Smart Chain(BSC) that enables the automatic liquidity acquisition of yield farms.

Zodeak offers the complete White Label PantherSwap Clone Script, a high-level reliable bug-free solution.  The customized UI design and dedicated functionalities in this solution make you fulfill the client’s requirements.

PantherSwap Clone Software

PantherSwap Clone Software is a 100% customizable and smart contract-based DEX solution. This contains an ample amount of unique and highly reliable features such as Unique Rewards Lockup & Anti Whale Mechanism that make lucrative profits.

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Components of PantherSwap Clone Script:

We Zodeak provides various elements implemented in the White label Panther Swap clone script which helps startups and entrepreneurs to make the transaction easier. Some of them are as follows, 

Initial Panther Offering (IPO)

Zodeak’s Panther Swap clone script includes the Initial Panther Offering(ICO), which is a forthcoming innovation in decentralized exchange platform development. 


This PantherSwap Clone has a lottery ticket fee per ticket of 20 Panther which gives an entry limit with a single user only, which exactly runs as PantherSwap. If the user uses UI 50, they can be acquired at one time. 


Panther Swap Clone Script involves the functioning of all distinct APIs that are available in PantherSwap.

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

The Panther Swap Clone Script was developed with the help of Automated Market Maker(AMM) in a DeFi-based Decentralized Exchange Platform.

The PantherSwap Clone script acts as an AMM trade v1. So that the production line and smart contracts switch that is similar to PancakeSwap. This clone script stores liquidity like cash in such a way as protected as PancakeSwap.

Features implemented in our PantherSwap Clone Script:

Automated Liquidity

  • The PantherSwap clone script is constructed so that each transaction of PANTHER must pay a 5% transfer tax. 
  • The 4% transfer tax gets appended to the liquidity pool through the smart contract which inevitably raises the cost floor constantly.  
  • And the liquidity will be locked and unapproachable.

Automated Burning

  • As mentioned above in Automated liquidity, each transaction of PANTHER must pay a 5% transfer tax. The 4% transfer tax will be allotted to automated liquidity acquisition(AMM). 
  • The rest of the 1% transfer tax will burn instantly via automated burning. 

Anti Whale

  • As act as the PantherSwap, Each PANTHER transfer is more than 0.5% of the total supply will be declined. 
  • If the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced.

Harvest Lockup

  • Zodeak provides the Harvest Lockup which is a unique rewards lookup mechanism present in the PantherSwap.
  • This is used to limit the wavelength of harvest. It is planned to restrict farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dumping.

No Migrator Code

Our PantherSwap Clone Script Software compiled with the migrator code arranged in the MasterChef contract that has been taken out efficiently. 

How does PantherSwap Clone Script work?

This PantherSwap Clone Script offered by Zodeak executes extensive, inbuilt functionalities on the basis of Binance Smart Chain and acts as the best serving platform for BSC suitors. This PantherSwap Clone includes core functionalities such as Farming, Liquidity, Exchange, Staking, and Lottery.


  • Farming of the PantherSwap clone approaches the Tokens with the help of pairs and yields rewards to the platform seekers with a significant Percentage yield. 
  • Each one of the Tokens in the pair claims a Liquidity Provision Token acquired as a result of implementing Liquidity to the Platform for its operation.


  • The Platform affirms funds from the members and proffers them as the ready Liquidity Providers to the Platform. 
  • Liquidity providers that render liquidity will be able to produce the LP Tokens which will be further used in the farms.


  • The Exchange of PantherSwap Feature provides the swapping of Tokens between currencies, elevating the bridging peculiarity. 
  • This characteristic gives the Platform more than just earning and making it an Exchange for those soliciting exchanges of currencies across different Interfaces.


  • These staking pools allow the participant of the PantherSwap clone to gain Panther by staking some other Tokens of their preference. 
  • The Panther can also be Staked in certain pools to generate some other Token rewards. 
  • Staking Panther for some other Tokens is carried out in exclusive entities such as Jungles.


  • For those Platform seekers, this PantherSwap provides the lottery scheme. 
  • Those participants can buy their lottery tickets through the Panther token. 
  • And that lottery will reward based on the matching of numbers or serials in the tickets obtained.

Why Choose Zodeak for a Proficient PantherSwap Clone Script?

Zodeak Technology is the leading DeFi Development Services that offers the prominent PantherSwap Clone Script to effectively provide inbuilt technologies and functionalities to the ready seekers of the Binance Smart Chain. This PantherSwap Clone Script is delivered by Zodeak, to its applicants with perfectly secured source codes unaffected by the intruders, interchangeable compilation modes available in the market, and scalability enhancing User Interfaces.

Privileges of Launching DeFi Exchange like PantherSwap:

  • Contemporaneous solution
  • Highly skillful Blockchain experts
  • 10+ years of industry experience
  • High Volume Liquidity Pools
  • Wallet Amalgamation
  • Smart contract Implementation
  • API Integration
  • 24/7 Support Maintainance

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Uniswap Clone Script – Start a Defi-Based Decentralized Exchange Platform like Uniswap

Uniswap Clone Script – Start a Defi-Based Decentralized Exchange Platform like Uniswap

Uniswap Clone Script

Uniswap Clone Script is the readily-made Defi-based Decentralized Exchange Script Platform that contains all the features and functionalities that are crafted like Uniswap. This is built with Ethereum Blockchain Network that is used to kick-start your own Defi-based DEX platform that executes higher liquidity which is the same as uniswap functional capabilities. 

Currently, Defi is the buzzword and trendiest word in the Blockchain Realm. Many Entrepreneurs and business people who are in the financial realm implement this Decentralized Finance (Defi) that offers several beneficial elements in various guises. Decentralized Finance is the same as Decentralization along with various features and benefits integrate into the platform.

In this crypto realm, there are plenty of Decentralized exchange platforms are available, but some of the Decentralized platforms came with a Defi-based ecological system. One of the Decentralized Finance DEX platforms is Uniswap. This Uniswap is the Defi protocol which is a fully-fledged decentralized platform. 

Many startups and entrepreneurs are eagerly interested to launch their dreamier Decentralized Finance based Uniswap Clone Script provider. If you are the person who wants to start a Decentralized Exchange platform like Uniswap easily with superlative Uniswap Clone.

This blog will definitely help you to learn everything about the Defi Based Uniswap DEX Clone Script – to start a Decentralized Exchange platform like Uniswap.

Let’s dive into the topic.,

This Superior Uniswap Clone Script sustains both the swapping and pooling concept along with high liquidity provisions of Ethereum and its tokens. The readily available Uniswap DEX Clone Script offered by Zodeak Technology incorporated advanced and upgraded features such as Margin trading and Spot trading and all existing features which are similar to uniswap exchange. We Zodeak provides fully-fledged solutions and developed, processed, designed, tested, and deployed with the help of professionalitic experts who have expertise in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency realm.

How do Uniswap Clone Script Software works?

Here the following points that contain the working mechanism of Uniswap Clone Script provided by Zodeak Technology, some of them are,

  1. Move to the integrate of the Uniswap Clone software
  2. Connect your own Crypto wallet into your clone script platform, Zodeak’s Uniswap Clone platform supports all the major crypto wallets such as Coinbase Wallets and all Ethereum based wallets.
  3. After completion of Wallet Creation, you need to swap the crypto tokens like Ethereum or any kind of ERC20 tokens.
  4. When comes to the swap option, there are three various options available in the Uniswap Clone script platform they are, Minimum received value, Price Impact, and Liquidity provider fees.
  5. After completing all the steps and confirming the options, you need to confirm the transaction request in your crypto wallet.
  6. Thereafter, you can set a gas fee on the popular platform Ethereum gas station value.
  7. If the all steps and transactions were successful completed on the Ethereum network, you can track the status of your new transaction at the hand of the Ethereum Block Explorer.

Why you should buy the Uniswap Clone Script Software?

There are many reasons to build a Defi-based Decentralized Exchange Platform like Uniswap. Some of them are,

Low Investment

When comes to the Defi-based Crypto Exchange business, you will require only the lower amount of investment in the Defi Development platform. We Zodeak provides the premium Uniswap Clone Script as a lower investment.

High Volume Liquidity

One of the major crucial factors in all the Defi-based DEX platforms is Liquidity. When comes to a decentralized platform like Uniswap, it can easily overwhelm your liquidity risk factors.

No Intermediates

Defi-based Decentralized Exchange platform like Uniswap is completely decentralized in manner. This actually demonstrates that this uniswap clone need not require any third parties or any middleman person to perform transactions.

Trading Volume Ensured

This Uniswap Clone offered by Zodeak Technology, helps to reach the high volume trade for the users in a shorter period of time.

Faster Brand Awareness

Many Crypto Enthusiast predicts that Defi-based Decentralized Platform is the future of the Blockchain Revolution. So, kick-start your own Defi-based DEX platform and enlarge your brand awareness in the Crypto marketplace very easily. 

Recent Trends

Nowadays, Defi is the buzzword in the Crypto marketplace. Defi is the preeminent one compared to other blockchain trends. This Defi-based Decentralized platform helps to reach your business to the top-notch level and get lucrative profits.

High Return On Investment

Our Premium Uniswap Clone has all the existing features and functionalities such as staking, Yield Farming, Liquid pools, and much more.,

Why choose Zodeak Technology for Uniswap Clone Script Software?

Being the leading Blockchain and DeFi Development Company in the Crypto realm, Zodeak Technology provides impeccable Uniswap Clone Script providers who offer salient features and functionalities and provide impressive outcomes. We offer the error-free and best Decentralized Exchange Platform solutions along with high-end technology features that are most reliable and scalable. Some of the features integrated into our Uniswap Clone software are,

  1. Flash Swapping
  2. Liquidity pools
  3. Oracles
  4. Two Factor Authentication
  5. KYC Authentication
  6. High-Security Mechanism
  7. Multiple Trading Options
  8. Multi-language support
  9. New token integration
  10. Defi Staking

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