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Get Ready to Step into the Billion-Dollar Business

Get Ready to Step into the Billion-Dollar Business

In the present scenario, huge people are passionately investing in Billion Dollar Cryptocurrency market. Entrepreneurs are eager to traverse the Bull rally cryptocurrency business with an institutional approach. Each phase of cryptocurrency is booming with grasping more users with its ease of acquiring and trading. Each day new cryptocurrency products are emerging instantly. whereas, Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency and leaves its footprints on various business domains with its price peak on October 21. 

Bitcoin price is tremendously increasing like a bull rally from October 21, many business analysts expect the bitcoin price maybe $100,000 in the next phase. This is the right time to start your booming cryptocurrency exchange business and become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. In the Crypto realm, more people are interested in investing in cryptocurrency due to its increasing market value.

Nassim Eddequiouaq and Riyaz Faizullabhoy held a remarkable position in the Facebook organization and moved towards a crypto ecosystem that is booming over the past decade, and joined in Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) team to provide technical support to their swiftly growing holdings on the crypto. 

While discussing the effects of cryptocurrency or Blockchain in business. We used to closer look at business ventures constructing an exchange business, products and integrating the crypto payment method in existing enterprises. Though, large crypto exchanges have moved from one country and to another due to regulatory laws enforcing them to move on. 

At the same time, mainstream adoption by individuals and established businesses is a very steep climbing action for entrepreneurs as they attempt to make crypto more accessible and compelling to enterprises and laypeople alike. 

Large people started adopting cryptocurrency on their individual and organizational wise. It has led to the strong business support for cryptos to boom beyond their constraints. 

According to Google, “millions” of retailers currently accept Google Pay as a form of payment, potentially giving Bakkt users the ability to pay in crypto at “supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, clothing stores, gas stations, beauty shops” and others. The Bakkt partnership follows major crypto exchange Coinbase’s June announcement that Apple Pay and Google Pay would offer support for its Coinbase Card. Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has allowed its users to buy crypto with Apple Pay and Google Pay since April.

Wait and watch Cryptocurrency will strongly influence the World of Business soon. Get ready to revolve around the crypto realm for a futuristic billion-dollar business plan. 

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The Milestones of Binance Exchange Platform

The Milestones of Binance Exchange Platform

In the digitalized world, everything has moved into digitalization due to the latest technologies. Huge people around the world are interested to acquire cryptocurrency. In the latest trend entrepreneur are attracted towards starting crypto exchanges like Binance. The Binance is the World largest exchange within a period due to its proficiency and Success. 

Let us See how Binance has Acquired the fame World Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange,

Binance is world level cryptocurrency exchange with having largest trading volume, huge crypto holders on their exchange. The Binance BNB has a value of 340.93 USD Per coin and has a 24hr trading volume of 1.4 Trillion USD with a market cap of 5. 7 Trillion USD. Binance has supplied 168,137,036 BNB coins. 

History of Binance Exchange 

The Binance exchange found by Changpeng Zhao (CZ) in July 2017 in China. Later it has moved to Malta due to China’s increasing regulation of cryptocurrency. The Binance exchange name arose from the”Binary and Finance ” into Binance. Binance requires KYC details to ensure security and avoid scammers over their platform. 

Binance is proficient in processing 1,40M orders per second and supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Binance serves more than 15,000,000 crypto holders globally. Binance provides Multi-lingual support in 26 languages, operates in over 40 countries, and is based in over 180 countries & regions. 

Binance coin (BNB) Binance coin (BNB) is the native cryptocurrency on Binance and influences the Binance ecosystem. BNB has several usages, like fueling transactions on the binance chain, paying for transaction fees on the platform. 

The Milestones of Binance 

The Launch of BNB – July 08, 2017, In the early stage of launching BnB, it has values like 1 ETH equals 2.7k BNB and 1 Bitcoin equals 20K BNB. in the recent 1 BNB is equal to 0.010 BTC 

Binance Exchange Launched on July 14, 2017 

Binance has acquired 120k active crypto holders and New 4k Registration and gets listed on coinmarketcap within 45days of its launch. 

Launched Binance Lab in October 2017 

Binance Lab is started to support the growth of Blockchain and crypto projects via venture capital. 

Binance Started a Launchpad service in November 2017 

Binance offers Launchpad services to assist entrepreneurs to launch their crypto tokens in a binance platform for Token advertisement and marketing support for new tokens. 

Achieving First Rank in CoinMarketCap in December 2017 Binance has Reached the First position in CoinMarketCap within 6 months of Launch and has more than 1 billion USA. 

Binance has Achieved 6 Million Crypto Holders in 2018 

Binance has acquired Trust Wallet in July 2018 

Binance has introduced Binance Academy in August 2018 

This is a free online portal for educating newbies about trading, the Bitcoin market, crypto trends. 

Binance Charity Launched in October 2018 

It is a non-profit organization established for helping others in an emergency. While the disruption of the COVID-19, binance has provided 3 million USD. 

Binance Chain – April 2019 

Binance has launched its Blockchain known as Binance Chain Binance.

Acquired WazirX in November 2019 Binance has acquired Indian based P2P cryptocurrency exchange after acquiring Trust Wallet open-source wallet. 

Binance Started Supporting DEX in February 2020 

Binance has stepped forward to provide a decentralized exchange facility securely over Binance Chain by eliminating interference of middlemen. 

Binance Smart Chain in September 2020 

Binance smart chain is the blockchain that operates identically to the binance chain that is EVM compatible and can run alone when the Binance chain moves offline. 

Exclusively Added Features in Binance 

  • Binance Smart Chain is acting as a Platform to built NFT Marketplace, NFT is a recent trend in the crypto realm. 
  • Binance has planned to launch NFT Marketplace in upcoming years. Binance supports the BNB as the main payment for Binance Chain and Binance Smart chain as a gas fee to improve the volume of BNB to support Binance projects. 
  • Binance Earn helps crypto holders to earn passive income by acquiring their Earn account. 
  • Binance Card is Crypto supporting debit card and used in payment gateways that support cryptocurrencies to pay bills. 
  • Binance offers Crypto Loans without any covered fees and allows the users to borrow ETH, BTC, USDT with a duration of 1 week to 6 months of repayment. 
  • Binance supports Futures trading and margin trading that gives leverage up to 125x.

The enthuasiastic business people are much interested to invest in crypto exchange platform business due to the success of Binance exchange. 

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